Feedback from Yago

Yago is living in Pacific Beach and going to Mesa College. He is 23 year old, going to Mesa College, originally from Brazil and today we are meeting with him to hear about his experience.

Hi Yago!
How long have you been renting a spot with San Diego Student Housing?
I've been renting my current spot for almost one year and I plan to extend my stay.
How did you find San Diego Student Housing? (google, a friend, facebook,...?)
Why did you pick SDSH?
Because it seemed a serious and organized company.
Was the booking process easy? Was your Housing Advisor helpful?
Yes, pretty much. Once I chose the spot  I wanted to live in I went through a few forms and the contract on RoomChazer. My advisor was straight and clear, answered all the questions I had and even told me which place would fit my personality better.
Is there anything we could have done better?
Nothing that I can think about right now.
Is there something in particular that you appreciate with SDSH?
Absolutely. There are a few things I appreciate actually. The main would probably be the opportunity of sharing the house with people from different cultures and different countries. Another, that you do not have to worry about bills or  all the bureaucracy of  renting a house by yourself.
Anything else to add?
I think that''s pretty much it. I recommend RoomChazer/SDSH for everyone that is looking for an affordable and comfortable stay in San Diego.

Thank you very much Yago for your feedback!! It might not be much for you, but it means a lot to us.