Student Housing for Mesa College

City College and Mesa College logos

Starting school at Mesa College, City or Grossmont College?

In San Diego, none of the local Community Colleges offer student housing. So here are some hints about finding student housing as a new Mesa, City, or Grossmont student.

Mesa College Student Housing.  Mesa College is located in Clairemont, a residential neighborhood. There are lots of affordable apartment complexes nearby with a dense student population. So if you want to live close to school, check out Craigslist for room shares in the Clairemont/Mesa College area. Another popular, more lively neighborhood for Mesa College students is Pacific Beach which is "down the street" from Clairemont. Rent is a little more expensive there though, but you also get a much more lively neighborhood. If you want to experience campus life, look up student housing in the SDSU area. Your commute will be about 15 minutes by car, not too bad. And you''ll get all the perk of living on a campus!

City College Student Housing.  City College is located Downtown...and Downtown is currently either very expensive or not very safe. For proximity and luxury (at a price), shoot for a shared bedroom at AVA Cortez Hill, Vantage Pointe or Harborview Apartments. For affordability and proximity, check out Golden Hill, Sherman Heights, or Logan Heights (only if you don''t mind a run-down, less safe area). If you are looking for a campus vibe, SDSU is only a 20 minute drive. If you don''t have a car, check out student housing by USD which is a 20 minute trolley ride away.

Grossmont College Student Housing. Grossmont College is actually in El Cajon, the city (not to be confused with El Cajon Boulevard). But it''s literally bordering the San Diego City limits. There is a small student hub in San Carlos, which is a residential and sleepy neighborhood in San Diego. A lot of Grossmont students actually choose to live on the campus at SDSU. SDSU is 12 minutes away by car and 20 minutes away by bus, so commute is pretty easy.

San Diego Student Housing offers convenient housing solutions for all Community College students. Feel free to contact us or if you are interested in furnished and flexible student housing with stable and fun roommates. For more info you can also check here and pick your school.