Picking the Right Neighborhood-2

Photo by James Matthews
San Diego Av cross California St - photo by James Matthews
UTC/UCSD, Mission Valley and Mission Beach.

As a follow-up to our article " Picking the right neighborhood", here is a quick description of 3 other popular San Diego neighborhoods : UTC/UCSD area, Mission Valley, and Mission Beach.

The UTC area (University Town Center) is home to the world renowned University of California, San Diego (UCSD). It's a great neighborhood for UCSD students because it''s so close to school. But in terms of student life there is not much happening in the UTC area. Nightlife, boutique-shopping, and pedestrian-friendly areas are definitely missing in the UTC area. In terms of housing, you''ll find plenty of roommate opportunities with other students in apartments, condominiums, and townhouses with a decent price tag. Important to note: While the UTC area seems conveniently located close to the ocean, there is no easy access to the beach. You''ll have to go down the cliffs first!!!

Mission Valley is a great central area. It's 15 minutes away from everything, EVERYTHING - the beach, SDSU, USD, Downtown, National University, City College, Mesa College. With its central location and easy freeway and public transportation access, Mission Valley is a popular neighborhood among young people, but it's lacking nightclubs, shopping, and pedestrian areas to make it a vibrant student hub. Low-key students will definitely love the tranquility. Local hang-outs include the popular Mission Valley and Fashion Valley Shopping Center, and country bar InCahoots. Housing is mostly made of  "luxurious" gated communities, so rent is not cheap. Lots of students share a bedroom to reduce the cost. If you want a resort-like pool and a daily life that feels like vacation...check out Mission Valley!

Mission Beach is just south of Pacific Beach.It's a great neighborhood for those who love the salty breeze of the ocean. The neighborhood is situated between the San Diego Bay and the Ocean. So you either face the Ocean or the Bay...not too bad of a choice! There is a lot of  luxurious vacation housing that is usually very pricey from May to October. From November to April, you can get a better deal on luxurious vacation housing, but it would still remain on the higher range of a student''s budget ($900 or more per student). The most affordable housing options for students in Mission Beach are probably the small apartment complexes bordering Mission Boulevard. There are really tiny and old apartments, but rent is affordable and you''ll live within 50 yards of the beach! On top of that, you'll be surrounded by local surfers, taco shops, bars, and beach stores!

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