Student Housing in Pacific Beach

Jacuzzi area at AVA Pacific Beach
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All you need to know about housing in Pacific Beach
Pacific Beach is extremely popular with students. Beach, bars, nightclubs, shopping, beach town vibe, laid-back atmosphere, and party-friendly neighbors all contribute to the popularity of PB. When it comes to finding housing though, it becomes less fun and more difficult. This article will give you some insight into finding housing for students in Pacific Beach.

Beach Front Housing/Mission Beach.  Very appealing, but definitely on the high-end of a student budget. Renting a house on the beach is a good idea, but definitely plan a $3500-$5000/month budget for a 3 bedroom house.

Big Apartment/Condo Complexes. There are 3 big apartment complexes in PB: AVA Pacific Beach, Bay Pointe Apartments, Plaza Condominiums. The floorplans have really large bedrooms which make it easy for students on-a-budget to share a bedroom and pay only half the rent. Those places are great if you want the AMENITIES (pool, spa, fitness...). A private bedroom would be on the high end of a student budget.

Houses. Plenty of houses to choose from in Pacific Beach, but there is one untold rule: as a student, look at houses south of Garnet Avenue. North of Garnet is a more residential area with more established families and owner-residents. Houses are difficult to rent if you are staying less than 12 months and usualy come unfurnished. Because you''ll have to pay for all the utilities (electricity and water), expect an extra $150-$300/month on top of the rent.

Small Apartment Complexes. Those are definitely the "go-to" places for students in PB. They are the cheapest accommodation option for students, and some are really close to the beach. Of course do not expect large floorplans, granite counters, and amenities. They are cheap for a reason! Usually old, small living rooms, dirty alleys, BUT everybody's having fun. So if you can deal with the appearances, you will save on money and have a great time.

We love PB. It's a great neighborhood for students attending UCSD, USD, and Mesa College. The area is actually so popular that even SDSU, City College, and NewSchool students make it their home, despite the commute. San Diego Student Housing is offering both luxurious and budget-friendly housing in PB, so if you are new in town or don't want to get into a long-term contract quite yet... click right here - Pacific Beach Student Housing!! See ya!